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Acorns Day Services provides daytime activities and learning opportunities for over 30 people with a learning disability and complex needs, five days a week.

We work with people to build their confidence and skills, opening up opportunities they may never have thought possible.

There is a choice of pottery, art, IT/media, sports, music and sensory classes, cooking, retail (in our coffee shop and Charity Shops), horticulture and caring for small animals. The main emphasis of Acorns Day Services is for those attending to have fun and achieve a meaningful outcome; whether it be creative, social, educational, developmental or therapeutic.

Acorns is open to residents and non-residents alike. Recently, we have seen an increase in people with more challenging behaviour and complex needs, and can offer one-to-one or two-to-one support, depending upon the individual.

Through Acorns, we have established a pathway that enables people to enjoy leisure and social activities that can also lead on to developing life skills and even training for voluntary or paid work. For an up to date list of available sessions see:


People learn basic cooking skills in our fully equipped training kitchen, such as food safety, recipe planning and shopping, cooking healthy meals on a budget and baking cakes for our coffee shop.


Our pottery sessions allow people of all abilities to enjoy the many therapeutic aspects of ceramics: helping motor skills, dexterity and creativity. We use basic hand building and decorative techniques including coiling, slab building and press moulding to produce functional vessels and sculptural forms which can be found in our shop. We have two potters' wheels, one of which is wheelchair friendly. The class is geared to the ability of each individual. Some people attend attend regularly and like to solely pound the clay. Others may have a goal of acting appropriately so what they do in the class is secondary to being there.

Arts and Crafts

Our arts and crafts centre focuses on the development of an individual’s creativity. They are encouraged to explore various techniques and materials and are assisted in designing and producing their own work.


People have the opportunity to learn about growing flowers within our poly tunnels or vegetables in our garden and can learn about taking care of our small animals. During the winter months, activities such as making Christmas wreaths take place.


A wide range of sports is on offer for at Pepenbury, including football, badminton, swimming and keep fit sessions. We also provide opportunities for people to get involved with sports within the community, with activities such as sailing or riding for the disabled.


Our media suite helps people gain basic computer skills to help with independence, such as shopping online and planning bus journeys. They also study different genres of music and film.

Daily Living Skills

We support people in developing practical living skills such as planning weekend breaks, writing shopping lists, planning weekly menus, using public transport and other things that help them to live independent lives.

Sensory Room

Our sensory room helps calm those with challenging behaviour and provides stimulation for those with sensory and physical disabilities.


Acorns rates are: £32.58 for a full day or £17.09 for a half day.

All sessions are based on a 6 to 1 ratio. Additional 1-2-1 support is available if required, after all the necessary assessments have been carried out.

For details of Acorns Day Services, please contact Christine Gray on 01892 822168 or email

Acorns Case Studies

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