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Monday, September 11, 2017

Over the last 9 years, Pepenbury has partnered with the Kent Police College to offer their students placement opportunities where they get to work in different areas of our services. It gives their students a first hand opportunity to learn more about people with learning disabilities in our community. We have just finished a recent placement and this was part of the feedback from the police student we had with us.
“Putting the public first is a key part of policing and this was true with the staff and service users at the centre. The staff put the users first and showed passion and integrity in the work that they did which was obvious when you walked in to the centre, knowing the service users individually and in our case members of the public is an important part of meeting their needs and also being confident communicating with them.”
“I have benefitted greatly from my time at this placement. I have always been quite a calm and patient person but it emphasised the need to remain calm and patient with all types of people that you come across but particularly those with mental disabilities and learning needs. Also the need for good communication - but not just verbally, to remember that your body language and behaviour speaks a lot, especially where people may not be able to hear or understand you. It reminded me to be innovative and be able to change or adapt things quickly such as an exercise given to the service users that they may not all respond well to needs to be differentiated quickly in order to meet their needs.”


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