Frequently Asked Questions: Professionals

Pepenbury provides person-centred services for people with mild to profound learning disability and complex needs

Can you tell me about Pepenbury’s mission and aims?

Pepenbury aims to provide high quality care and support for people with a learning disability and complex needs.

We believe that everyone has the right to a live a rich and rewarding life. Our range of person-centred services means that everyone can choose the levels of care and support that help them live independently, whilst feeling safe and supported.

Our Head of Care Services will be happy to discuss the particular needs of your client and to propose a package of support that is tailored to meet their needs.

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Do Pepenbury’s services focus more on those with mild or more profound learning disability?

Our services are tailored to the needs of the individual and we support those with mild learning disability through to people with complex needs. This includes those with physical disability, challenging behaviour, epilepsy and those with a dual diagnosis of learning disability and mental health needs.

For some people, full time residential care is appropriate, for others we have a range of supported accommodation options. Acorns provides day time activities and can cater for people with physical disability and challenging behaviour.

MOST community support helps people live more independently and can provide help with personal care and overnight support.

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I know that Pepenbury provides residential care for people with a learning disability and complex needs, what other living options do you offer?

Pepenbury is well known for providing residential care but we offer a wide range of services, tailored to the needs of each individual.

As well as full time residential care we offer a number of supported accommodation options. These range from shared houses and studio apartments on our main site in Pembury, to shared houses and individual flats located in local towns and villages across West Kent. We can even help you source your own accommodation.

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Does Pepenbury offer any services for local people to attend during the day? 

Pepenbury’s Acorns day services provides a range of stimulating and creative daytime activities for people with a learning disability and complex needs. These include Art, pottery, IT, catering, horticulture, the care of small animals and daily living skills. For those that want to pursue activities further, we offer City and Guilds Entry Level Skills for Working Life qualifications

MOST community support service offers one-to-one support within the community, helping people with day-to-day tasks such as shopping, housework, paying the bills and accessing local facilities such as the cinema, library or bowling.

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Does Pepenbury accept out-of-county placements?

All of our services are available to people from across the country. Our only criteria is whether we can provide services that meet individuals’ needs. Our Head of Care Services will talk through the needs of your client and advise you of whether we have an appropriate vacancy.

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Why should I refer a client to Pepenbury rather than other providers?

Pepenbury is a unique charity. Our main site, based in Cornford Lane, Pembury is set in 100 acres of woodland. We have 10 houses and bungalows and two studio apartments offering residential care and supported accommodation.

There are a host of facilities on site, including Acorns day service activities, swimming pool, outdoor gym, café and a small animal farm.

We offer people a range of living options from living on their own in a shared house in the community with support as and when they need it, to full-time residential care.

Our services aim to help people live as independently as they are able. We help them progress towards more independent living through training in daily living skills and by developing their self-confidence.

We encourage people to have aspiration for the future, help them identify their own goals and put plans in place to help them reach their wishes and dreams.

Does Pepenbury offer short breaks (respite)?

We do not provide short-term accommodation, however, our community support service, MOST, can provide overnight support in a person’s own home. This gives carers a chance for a night out or a weekend away.

MOST can also support people with a learning disability to have a short holiday of their own choosing, whether that is a trip to the seaside or to take a train ride.

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Is Pepenbury based in West Kent only or in other areas?

Pepenbury’s main site is based on Cornford Lane, in Pembury, near Tunbridge Wells, West Kent. We also have residential care and supported accommodation throughout towns and villages in Kent and South London.

Acorns day services and MOST community support service are available to people across Kent and surrounding counties and Hill Park Outreach Service covers Bexley and surrounding boroughs.

Pepenbury’s residential care and supported accommodation are available to people from across the country.

We hope to have services available in East Sussex soon. Watch this space!

How is Pepenbury funded?

Direct costs associated with running services are funded by people’s own care and support packages provided by their Local Authority. Central costs and the things that make our facilities extra special, are funded thanks to the generous support of charitable trusts, companies and local people who take part in fundraising events or make donations.

We are grateful for the support of our team of volunteers who help us keep costs to a minimum, by giving their time to support our work.

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How involved is Pepenbury in the local community?

Pepenbury is one of the largest employers in the area and is well known within the local community.

Our woodland walk, small animal farm, outdoor gym and Coffee Shop attract members of the general public who come to appreciate our fantastic location and the wonderful views of the Weald of Kent all around us.

This helps provide our residents with a sense of community and a chance to interact with local people.

People with a learning disability living with family or in the community, visit us each day to attend Acorns day services activities.

Similarly, those living at Pepenbury access activities within the community such as the local shops, sailing and riding for the disabled.

Our aim is for people with a disability and those without - to live, work and play alongside one another in a truly inclusive society.

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