City & Guilds Training Programme

Harriet learning life skills in our training kitchen
Catering and Hospitality is offered as part of the City & Guilds Training programme

Entry Level Skills for Working Life

Pepenbury offers a City and Guilds training and development programme (Entry Level Skills for Working Life) through Acorns Day Services.  This is a year-long, practically based training programme designed to engage and motivate those who struggle with traditional classroom-based learning. It is ideally suited to those with a learning disability or other difficulty and focuses on land-based and related industries.

Through working towards City & Guilds qualifications, participants gain experience and skills in particular fields such as catering, small animal care, conservation, agriculture, horticulture, computer and retail skills. Training schedules are tailored to the needs and abilities of the individual and working in our charity shops and coffee shops gives an opportunity to put learning into practice. Pepenbury has its own approved City and Guilds Assessor which means we can process completed portfolios more quickly. If you would like more information please contact Eva Medjedovic the City & Guilds Project Co-ordinator and approved Life Skills Assessor on 01892 822168 for details.

To see some of our latest City & Guilds candidates follow this link:

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