Case Study: Mark and James

The polytunnel at Acorns
The polytunnel at Acorns

Mark, aged 28 and James, aged 21 are brothers who both have a learning disability and access day services for several days each week.

Mark has been attending for 6 years. He now has limited mobility (he was mobile until aged 9) and severe challenging behaviour; James is more mobile.

Both need one-to-one support to access Acorns day services, where they take part in cookery, IT, individual sports, arts and crafts, horticulture and both love their weekly swimming session.

Mark needs to use the accessible toilet in the wet room as he becomes overwhelmed by the confines of a toilet cubicle and has a tendency to lash out at staff supporting him.

When Mark and James attend Acorns it gives the family a break from the demands of caring which means their parents are more likely to be able to carry on caring for the brothers at home. Our staff comment that they have witnessed Mark and James’ development over the years that they have attended Acorns, as activities both stimulate and calm them. Their family report that Mark’s behaviour has improved significantly as he is engaged in activities and is less isolated.

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